Council of Garden Clubs of Virginia Beach, Inc.
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​Residents of Virginia Beach are blessed with beautiful natural resources and neighborhoods touched by extensive waterways. We hope you will join us in helping protect our waterways by making the few small changes listed below. Together we can have a big and positive impact on our environment.

*Scoop the Poop
*Reduce Pesticides and Lawn Fertilizer
*Only Rain in the Storm Drain
*No Grease in your Sink
*Don’t Feed the Geese
*Pump out Boat Waste at Stations
*Don’t Flush Medicines
*Create Buffers on your Property
*Reduce your Water Usage
*Join an Adopt-a-Spot Program

Please help us also protect our pollinators. 
Beneficial insects outnumber harmful bugs and can be an excellent method of control. Instead of using pesticides, consider growing plants to attract beneficial predatory and parasitic insects and other wildlife such as birds, reptiles and bats  which will kill harmful insect pests. Remember that spraying with pesticides will kill both good bugs and bad and will actually result in more bad bugs. No pesticides are safe to use around bees and some are toxic to birds, fish and reptiles and amphibians.

How You Can Help

Join an Adopt-a-Spot Program such as:

*Pearl Home (Lynnhaven River Watershed)
Lynnhaven River Now

*Bay Star Home (Chesapeake Bay watershed)

*River Star Homes (Elizabeth River Watershed)
Elizabeth River Project

Many volunteer opportunities are available through the above organizations as well as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation-Brock Environmental Center.